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Easy way for sending SMS / HLR per web, REST API or SMPP v3.4. If you need something special in telecom services – our developers will help you.

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How sms works?

How it works

You send your messages using our web interface, we deliver its to operators and then get delivery report from operator’s SMSC and uploading all information to your account.

  • 01 Sign up on our platform
  • 02 Choose the type of suitable Product
  • 03 Top up balance
  • 04 Send SMS / HLR

Why choose us

User friendly interface is easy to control from any device

In the web interface you can send single and bulk SMS / HLR lookup, view and export reports, top up your balance online and schedule future campaign.

Easy web interfacce
Many SMS feathers

Great features everyone will love

Each account in our system can apply specific settings, such as:

  • priority for sending;
  • text autocorrection;
  • senderID autocorrection;
  • different Product type (for traffic type);
  • traffic moderation;
  • dispatch planning;
  • dispatch distribution;
  • Happy Birthday congrats;
  • etc.


Our functionality allows you to increase business indicators using next


Our online platform allows you to send bulk and single SMS. Single SMS have higher priority for sending and they are sent faster.

BULK HLR lookup

Reliable channels with direct answers from operators’ infrastructure; fast and cheap option for database validation, possibility to see to which networks numbers belong to; Service and bulk HLR lookup; Special feature – our HLR/MNP lookup integrated in our own smpp system.

BULK MNP lookup

Reliable channels with direct answers from operators’ infrastructure; fast and cheap option for separating database per networks; Special feature – our MNP lookup integrated in our own smpp system.

Incoming SMS mailing

Allows you to receive an answers from your customers over any promo campaigns; also has a possibility to set Opt-out feature in marketing campaigns; we can rent DID/tollfree numbers for your needs; all information will be displayed into your own web interface.

High performing SMPP system

Self-developed SMPP platform with a lot of features inside, keeps our service super stable and reliable even for high volume of traffic; check it by yourself if you are enterprise customer or HUB/SMS aggregator.

Simply integration

No matter who you are in business, we can integrate our smpp system with any services, applications, online shops etc. Easy way to integrate through REST API or simplier – alternative API. Improve your business processes with a wide range of API features and capabilities.

Product types

Depends on your needs and content you wanna send we can offer you different options of SMS/HLR lookup routes, to be sure your traffic be in safe.

Sempico Solutions team

The main treasure of our service is a team who is behind the scene, we are here to help you and do this all the time, if you don’t see it then we are on a right way:).

SMS Pricing

Our best deals on SMS prices for you at the moment. Increase the volume and achieve the best price.

South Korea
€/sms 0.007
  • Product type – High quality route
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Sender – Fixed long code
€/sms 0.001
  • Product type – Direct
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Sender – Fixed short code
Best deal
€/sms 0.02
  • Product type – HQ
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Sender – Full dynamic

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask question about sms

Each type of product has individual settings to ensure the quality of delivery, suitable for the description of the content.

Only your manager can issue a personal price for a destination. To contact managers, you can use the contact information in the Contacts block.

The standard SMS delivery time is 10-30 seconds, depending on various factors. But, for faster delivery – our specialists can personalize your account. And delivery time may be reduced.

Alas, the number of characters in one part of SMS is strictly standardized by mobile operators, and therefore we do not have such an opportunity, and our respect for you will not be able to change these settings.

You can rely on 1 million euros and forget about the need to replenish the balance for the coming year. But, but seriously – then you need to decide on the text of SMS, because after that you will know the number of parts that will be sent to each number from your database.
Then you just need to multiply the Number of SMS parts * Number of numbers in the database * SMS cost for this direction. So you get an approximate amount of replenishment.
Everything is simple.

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What are you waiting for?

To start sending SMS or HLR, you must register and use the test balance to conduct the first tests. Our experts will help you if something is not clear to you. The only thing left is to create an account.

SMS is waiting for you
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