HLR and MNP Lookup

Income generation through sending SMS messages is considered one of the most profitable industries over the past decade. But as much as possible to fill the base with subscribers of GSM-operators – this is not all that is needed for the correct approach to business promotion.

HLR and MNP services not only save time on SMS aggregators, but also a significant amount of money when using them.

What it is

HLR and MNP LookupMNP (Mobile Number Portability) – is the transfer of an existing subscriber from one carrier to another. It means, that if the subscriber prefers to switch to a more favorable tariff of another mobile operator, but wants to keep his own phone number – there is an MNP system. This technology is closely related to HLR, which is beneficial for all companies sending SMS.

HLR (Home Location Register) – is a technology that allows you to clear the customer base of numbers that have not been on the network for a long time, and also displays information about the location of the subscriber (whether roaming or not).

Why do you need

Phone verification is designed to identify the validity of numbers, as well as belonging to a particular operator. Mobile operators charge a different fee for sending SMS messages, so every detail is taken into account with A2P messaging.

The target audience

Such technologies are aimed at companies that often use SMS distribution and do not want to overpay for the distribution of non-existent traffic. Not all SMS messaging companies can provide HLR and MNP, which worsens the number of responses across the entire client base. Also, find out about RCS technology and who will be able to use it.

Base check

Each entrepreneur has his own database of customers, respectively, and their numbers, if subscribers gave permission to send them messages that were once connected to the network, but this does not mean that the subscriber has not changed the phone number and still uses it. Of course, you can manually sort through all the numbers, but, in most cases, thousands of subscribers are in the database, which becomes impossible. For such cases, there are services to verify the validity of the number.

HLR displays a report not only on validity, but also determines whether the subscriber is abroad. Accordingly, this is taken into account when sending messages, significantly saves money and shows the correct number of responses to send SMS.

Also, you can’t do without MNP technology. If the subscriber has changed the operator, then the fee for the sent message may differ, which will lead to a loss of the company itself. This service will show which operator the existing subscriber belongs to.

Sempico Solutions has a fairly wide coverage around the world and is constantly growing, opening new horizons. The company has been developing and gaining momentum in new technologies for 12 years, keeping up with and succeeding in connecting new products. Ukraine already knows about the MNP service, but no company can provide quality service and support in this matter. We will check the customer base, separate existing subscribers, and also indicate the contacts that migrated from one operator to another.

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