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What is 2FA and how does it work

Two-factor authentication is a method of recognizing a client in any of the services in which there are 2 different types of identification of user data. Additional security allows you to protect your account from intruders.

What is two-factor authentication used for?

This service is designed specifically to protect personal data from fraud and is used in many cases:

  • Create a new account;
  • Transactions;
  • Access to existing accounts;
  • Software activation;
  • Electronic signatures.

2FA is used for protection in various business areas. Often, many companies that have access to confidential information, personal data (especially financial), try to determine the identity of their own clients as accurately as possible:

  • SaaS suppliers;
  • Messengers and social networks (to prevent the theft of personal data, publication of information without consent, etc.);
  • Organization of online orders (E-commerce projects);
  • Booking services;
  • Transaction authorization (online banking);
  • Mobile phone applications, as well as web sites that require authorization or transactions.

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Do I need 2FA

Without a doubt – needed! Although they have not yet come up with a method that would work without failures and protect data 100%, the inclusion of two-factor verification will significantly protect the leak of personal data, financial losses or theft of information.

Two-factor authentication is useful for business for a number of reasons:

  • Increasing the confidentiality of business information;
  • Protection of personal data of employees;
  • The probability of hacking and loss of any company data is reduced;
  • Allows verification of users without difficulty;
  • Registration in applications does not take more than 2 minutes.

There are three main types of verification: via SMS messages, voice calls and email confirmation.

In the first case, the client receives a one-time code (OTP) on the phone after entering his own password.

GSM offers voice verification. In this case, a call is made to a fixed subscriber number, where the last 4 digits of the incoming call number are important. Authentication occurs from random numbers, so it’s impossible to guess the numbers.

Today, verification via email is practically not relevant, since privacy is much lower than in the previous two options.

Sempico Solutions has extensive experience in setting up two-factor authentication via SMS. It is worth noting that we work with telecom operators directly, so the data obtained in this way is completely protected. Each client who contacted us will be more than satisfied.

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