Price for SMS to Congo

Sempico Solutions SMS service will help you to make effective and resulted mass sending to the customers to Congo.

If you want to understand how SMS for business works, you need to know some information that will be useful for you.

Sempico Solutions has direct connections with operators, that’s why our prices for bulk sms to Congo is more than competitive on the market.

You don’t need to waste your time remembering a lot of information about how to use your web cabinet, because it’s very simple to use and you will see all the virtues after signing in a while. All bulk SMS tools are located in one place.

In addition to automated SMS mailings, you will have the opportunity to personalize the text, group numbers into databases, receive incoming SMS and analyze previous marketing campaigns. Our service is suitable for both start-up businesses and those who already have a large customer base.

You can contact your Account Manager for checking bulk sms prices, if you are interested in other destinations.

The price can be changed for each client because of some reasons. For example, if you have big volumes Congo, you can discuss a cost with your manager, and he will tell you the lowest price that we can give you for your volumes.

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Routes with High performance, accepting OTP/OTT and promotional traffic where networks’ subscribers gave their permissions for message receiving (opt-in database). Each country has own regulations related to “Sender IDs” restrictions, “Sender ID” registrations; content which may pass through operators’ infrastructure.