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How to choose an effective influx of customers through SMS advertising

The Internet network fills more and more space in the modern stream of each person every day. Almost every corner of the planet has access to the Internet, which simplifies communication and data exchange. Just why advertising via SMS is still in demand and attracts the lion’s part of the flow of customers?

SMS is a universal approach to each person, regardless of the model of his gadget, while any messengers face different problems (lack of Internet, phone compatibility, etc.). Mobile marketing covered up to 6 billion handsets. WhatsApp, Viber and alternative means of communication
cannot boast of such results. Even with a constant number of users, access to such numbers will be real only in 10-15 years, and if the number of SMS subscribers does not increase.

A well-developed approach to SMS advertising will help to increase the influx of customers and, accordingly, increase the profit from sales.

Why you should use SMS marketing

Let’s consider 5 main reasons for using this method:

  • SMS open almost immediately. More than 90% of users open messages and get acquainted with the contents, at a time when these indicators are considered an incredible result for e-mailing, according to statistics. Users open message within 4 minutes after receiving SMS, which makes this approach the most effective.
  • Increases loyalty. More than 75% of users prefer to receive information about discounts and promotions on the phone, which makes marketing SMS one step ahead of the competition. After all, the function of SMS correspondence is present in any gadget.
  • Genius in simplicity. In order to figure out how to correctly compose SMS advertising, you don’t need to be an engineer or a programmer. Just need to:
  1. Register on our bulk sms service.
  2. Deposit money into the account.
  3. Come up with a text for distribution to users.
  4. Download the contact list.
  5. Done! If you have chosen the right company, your ad will start working! Also, see what A2P messaging is and how it can help you promote your business.
  • This is a cheap way. One way or another, SMS mailing is much cheaper than other channels to attract customers. Even novice businessmen will be able to afford such an advertising approach through our platform, because our prices for one SMS is very low.
  • Increased conversion rate. SMS advertising increases website traffic to 10%, which is proof of the effectiveness of this method. For example, advertising through Email is about 2%.

Benefits of Sempico Solutions

Our company is rapidly gaining momentum in development, as we are working not only for the benefit of ourselves, but also for customer satisfaction. Why you should contact us:

  1. Price transparency. No hidden fees!
  2. Support for a consultant on all issues.
  3. Low prices, fast speed of mailing and quality service – this is what you will have get by contacting us.

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