Sempico Solutions – ActiveCampaign SMS integration

Active Campaign is a marketing and sales automation platform designed to drive revenue growth for businesses. It empowers users to create personalized marketing campaigns, automate customer follow-up, and optimize sales […]

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01 / 10 / 23

Sempico Solutions – BetConstruct SMS integration

Sempico Solutions is a fast and reliable SMS service provider that is available for integration with different third-party applications and services.  One of such services is BetConstruct. BetConstruct is an […]

29 / 09 / 23

How to Use SMS for Invitations and Reminders

SMS broadcasts are an effective tool for inviting participants to events and sending reminders. They offer convenience and promptness in informing guests, making communication more efficient. Let’s delve into their […]

07 / 09 / 23

How HLR Lookup Saves Time and Money

In the fast-paced world of SMS marketing, efficiency can be the difference between a successful campaign and wasted resources. One powerful tool that can significantly impact the effectiveness of your […]

15 / 08 / 23

Crafting Effective SMS Campaigns: Tips and Tricks

What distinguishes effective SMS campaigns from less successful ones? How can you ensure that your efforts yield the best possible results? When executed thoughtfully, SMS campaigns can deliver impressive outcomes […]

12 / 06 / 23

SMPP credentials from Sempico

Hello dear partners We are pleased to present you our details for connecting to our SMPP server. Params Description Web access: https://app.sempico.solutions/ SMPP access: smpp.sempico.solutions SMPP Port: 65432 SMPP TLS/SSL […]

25 / 05 / 23

7 Tips on How to Get Customers’ Attention in Marketing SMS

Developing channels of effective communication with your customers is a must! Today, businesses are engaged in harsh competition trying to struggle for each customer. The best promos, the most brilliant […]