Sempico Solutions – ActiveCampaign SMS integration

Active Campaign is a marketing and sales automation platform designed to drive revenue growth for businesses. It empowers users to create personalized marketing campaigns, automate customer follow-up, and optimize sales […]

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02 / 05 / 23

How Small Businesses Acquire Benefits From SMS?

In case an entrepreneur is running a small business, they regularly face multiple challenges. Trying to reach out to their potential clients and relevant customers is one of them, nothing […]

07 / 04 / 23

SMS Marketing Regulation Rules: The Main European Certificates

There is no need to say that SMS marketing is ruling the world of advertisement and promotions. This tool provides maximum convenience along with high efficiency due to its instant […]

13 / 03 / 23

Understanding the difference between SMS and Messengers. A Comprehensive Guide

Texting is still the best form of communication. Especially when we talk about business communications. There are multiple ways to deliver your text message to an addressee including emails, SMS, […]

27 / 02 / 23

How Texting Can Improve Your Staff Management?

Almost every business owner understands the importance of providing smart and streamlined communication with their customers. SMS text services are the best idea to do this. Yet, do you know […]

08 / 02 / 23

25 Valentine’s Day Marketing SMS Templates

What do truly successful companies do on the eve of Valentine’s Day? They understand that sweets and hearts from paper do not affect the results of the company. Therefore, they […]

19 / 09 / 22

How to Get Customer Feedback Via SMS: A Short Guide

Providing effective communication with your customers is a must in modern business. This doesn’t mean just high-quality customer service when you motivate the audience to make a purchase. This also […]