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RCS technology – a new step into the future

Not so long ago, the 4 largest GSM-operators in the United States decided to introduce a new standard for sending SMS messages. A simple text message will be replaced by a new RCS technology. In fact, a modified version of sending SMS.

What is RCS?

Rich Communication Services is sometimes translated as advanced services for communications. This technology was first introduced in 2012. The new standard allows subscribers to exchange not only text data, but also send photos and videos, as modern messengers allow. For such messages there will be no restrictions on the number of characters, as it is in SMS. Using RCS, subscribers will be able to see whether the subscriber is on the network, as well as receive delivery reports.

It is expected that software for RCS technologies will be developed for all smartphones. Google has begun to develop a system similar to this protocol and will launch for the first time on the Android platform called Chat. Such traffic will not be encrypted, as is done in instant messengers.

Protocol Benefits

This protocol has so far been developed for the Android operating system, so Iphone users will not be able to use this technology. If you send such a message on iOS, it will come only in text format. But at this stage, technology implementation is also being considered on the iOS platform.

So far, iOS developers have an iMessage program that is used with end-to-end encryption.

Main advantages:

  1. Sending high quality multimedia without delay.
  2. Message delivery reports included.
  3. The number of valid characters in such messages will be higher.
  4. View the status of the order when buying in online stores.
  5. Obtaining customer comments on Internet sites.
  6. Support for 55 operators worldwide, as well as 11 manufacturers of Samsung, LG, Google and Microsoft.
  7. Although the protocol does not have end-to-end encryption, it supports all standard security protocols (TLS, IPsec).

It will be useful to learn how to use two-factor authentication to protect personal data.

Who is already using

Not so long ago there was information that the launch of the protocol will be carried out by Verizon, but on a limited scale. The protocol will work on Universal Profile, so this standard will work on other smartphones that support it. At the moment, the protocol is in test mode, therefore, such a development is not yet available to many. SempiCo Solutions works with many operators and companies around the world, including the developers of this protocol. Therefore, as soon as the technology goes into circulation, we will be one of the first to be able to provide RCS for retail customers. Follow our news and don’t miss the chance to order the service immediately after its appearance.

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