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What is A2P messaging? What is the difference between A2P and P2P

At least once, each person received a message on a mobile phone from companies with different offers. These are specially designed advertising moves, that try to attract more customers to their own business. Let’s see who sends these SMS, what is it for, and are there any differences between the concepts of A2P and P2P messaging?

What is A2P messaging

A2P SMS – it’s sending messages to users from applications. This system called: “System for Business.” Commercial enterprises use different modes to communicate with potential customers:

  • through authentication on services in online mode;
  • through delivery of messages to a mobile phone to a potential client.

Communication with users is initiated by the application sending out notifications.


To determine exactly what A2P messaging is, here are a few examples:

  • notifications from banking institutions (automatic sending of SMS with a reminder of shares, making necessary payments, changing the tariff rate under a loan agreement, etc.);
  • two-factor authentication via SMS (for example, confirmation of registration on any service);
  • booking confirmation;
  • loyalty programs for regular customers;
  • shares of companies that may interest the user.

Financial institutions have been using messaging for 15 years, which are created before upcoming events and sent to mobile phones by future and current customers. Find out what are HLR and MNP lookup are, and why you need to use such services.

What is P2P?

If SMS for customer service is sending messages from applications to recipients, then P2P is communication via SMS messages between end-users. For example, if you send a text SMS to a subscriber who can answer you, this is P2P (person to person) messaging. That is the difference between the concepts.

Why use A2P?

Active users of SMS around the world, there are about 6 billion, so SMS advertising brings the highest influx of customers. Firstly, advertising via SMS is much cheaper than other methods but much more effective. The only task of business texting is to obtain a constant profit for the services provided (including the purchase of goods).

A2P’s goal is to maximize user reach in a short amount of time. Of course, a novice businessman can send messages on his own, having his own customer base. But he’ll spend a lot of time and money on what could be ordered from professionals. For more than 12 years, our company has successfully existed in the market and knows its business for sure.

Who is better to use SMS mailing?

Everyone, without exception, cares about the constant growth of customers without losing permanent ones.

Most often, the newsletter is ordered for:

  • activities that are expected to occur soon;
  • banking and insurance institutions to notify you of important information;
  • travel agencies that remind you of the departure date, its change, and possible burning tours;
  • cinemas and theaters to notify customers about the repertoire, promotions on tickets, and various creative evenings;
  • online stores and chain stores that send alerts about sales and new arrivals.

This is just a small list of where you can use A2P messaging to promote your own business.

Remember, always contact the professionals to be sure of a positive result. SempiCo Solutions will talk about all the intricacies of the mailing list and help with every question!

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