Customer.io SMS integration

Customer.io is a comprehensive customer engagement platform designed to help businesses create, send, and optimize personalized messages across various channels. It enables companies to automate their communication strategies, ensuring timely […]

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31 / 01 / 22

How to receive feedback from customers via SMS and what is 2way mailing?

Every day the number of SMS sent is growing. The trend of switching communications to messengers mainly affected only personal correspondence. Thus, clearing SMS traffic from personal messages. The SMS […]

29 / 01 / 22

How SMS helps business?

Every human wants to know that his strength is not in vain. That’s why need to find the best solution for growing business. There’s no need to surf the internet […]

29 / 01 / 22

A2P messaging as a way to do your business

Not so long ago, A2P bulk messaging became popular. Business owners have increasingly begun to use bulk SMS as a marketing channel. No advertising has such an effect as sending […]

29 / 01 / 22

A2P messaging – how bulk and individual texting can change your life

Not so long ago business-messaging starts to grow because of its convenience. A2P SMS for businesses has become an additional effective way of interaction with users, as all critical information […]

29 / 01 / 22

HLR and MNP Lookup?

Income generation through sending SMS messages is considered one of the most profitable industries over the past decade. But as much as possible to fill the base with subscribers of […]

29 / 01 / 22

Mass texting service – all that need to know

Sempico Solutions Group LTD commenced operations in 2010. Thanks to the unique development of our own SMPP platform and the collaborative efforts of our team, we earned recognition as one […]